2017 Annual CHIME CIO Member Survey Highlights and Takeaways

By Arika Lycan, Specialist, CHIME Foundation


Every year, CHIME sends out an annual survey to CHIME CIO members. The feedback gained from the survey helps to gauge satisfaction with their membership, which CHIME services and educational offerings are most valued, and much more. This survey aids in the planning for subsequent years, and has direct influence on what CHIME as an organization will continue to do and those benefits that need to be re-evaluated.

As an integral part of the CHIME organization as whole, CHIME Foundation members also gain value from insights drawn from the survey responses.

When asked to rate their overall satisfaction with their membership, CHIME CIOs responded very positively; 90 percent stated that their satisfaction was either very good or excellent.

An interesting question highlighted communication preferences and ways in which CIOs like to hear from CHIME on information like professional development services, which include surveys, focus groups and College LIVE webinars. CIOs overwhelmingly appreciated CHIME’s frequent communications, and appreciate advanced notice about upcoming programs. In terms of other interaction and social media communication, CIOs most frequently use LinkedIn, Facebook, MyCHIME, and Twitter, in that order.

CHIME CIOs gave thoughtful input on CHIME Technologies’ Cooperative Member Services program, and what they would like to see offered. Some CIOs said they feel that the discounts offered are similar to those they can find/negotiate on their own, and would like to see greater discounts. Other comments included that CIOs would like to see more Foundation firms participate, and there was expressed interest in Professional Services discounts as an offering.

Several questions posed to CIOs addressed interaction with CHIME Foundation firms specifically. The first inquired about the top subjects of interest that CIOs would like to hear from Foundation Partners about in 2018. A great list of responses was given, but there were some topics that stood out as clear leaders. Favorites were:

  • Blockchain
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Emerging technologies
  • Telehealth

When asked what CHIME Foundation partners can do to help support them better, CIOs had a variety of suggestions. Some of the most compelling feedback includes:

“Understand our strategy and help innovate.”

“The benefit needs to be mutual, thus the continued support of the educational component of CHIME’s mission needs to be a priority.”

“Explore more important national issues.”

“I enjoy hearing about new offerings and technologies to help better plan IT strategy.”

“I feel more offerings with more technical depth would be helpful.”

“Some of the educational sessions are good but turn into ‘how can I market my company’s services.’ Less sales and more content.”

“Provide education on emerging HIT topics.”

“Publish project successes.”

We hope the highlights can guide and inform your future interactions with CHIME CIOs, and are helpful to your 2018 planning process.

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