Nobody can build a great business alone!

CHIME Advisory Services, run by CHIME Technologies Inc., provides firms with an advisory team comprised of practicing CHIME member CIOs and other senior healthcare IT leaders for strategy and other company planning events. The advisory team is put in place to support business activities by providing new and fresh perspectives on key industry topics and relevant areas of focus, as well as to provide constructive feedback. Areas for input include healthcare IT priorities and challenges, market conditions and trends. Advisory Services may be used to provide insight on a firm’s product/services offerings or validate existing vision and strategy.  

  • Advisory Services can provide your organization with:

       Opinions and experience from top health IT CIO leaders
       Perspectives on your company’s products and services
       Unbiased insight and ideas from new points-of-view

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  • Share your knowledge and expertise and help shape the health IT industry! 

    We are looking for CHIME members who are interested in serving as advisors. CHIME Advisory Services is a unique program offered exclusively to CHIME Foundation firms, but we need CHIME member CIOs and senior health IT executives to make it work! This service is an excellent opportunity to gain unparalleled access to industry leaders and gain perspectives on key topics.

    Participating advisors gain:

        Experience serving as an advisor for a healthcare IT company
         Strategy and marketing insight from a firm’s perspective
        Industry knowledge from other CHIME member CIO advisors and CHIME Foundation firm representatives

    Honorariums will be offered to all advisors per engagement, and all travel costs will be covered.



    Who is eligible to serve on an advisory team?
    All CHIME CIO and senior healthcare information executive members are welcome to sign up for participation in the program.

    If I sign on to be an advisor, is it guaranteed that I’ll be selected for an engagement?
    Each participating firm will communicate their desired requirements for advisors at their event. While CHIME Technologies will present candidates that meet the criteria, in most cases, members will be selected by the firms.

    Are these truly advisory events or will the firms try to sell to CIOs?
    As part of the Advisory Services contract, the firms acknowledge and agree that the event is not a sales and/or marketing opportunity. This is also explained and stressed during the engagement process.

    How do advisory events differ from focus groups?
    In-person focus groups occur during the CHIME Fall and Spring forums each year and last for 90 minutes. Online focus groups occur throughout the year and run for 60 minutes. Each has around 12 participants, and focus groups provide great value to CHIME Foundation firms. Advisory Services take this type of feedback and industry knowledge-sharing to a more in-depth level and with a smaller group (five to seven advisors). In addition, these are designed to be more specific to the firm’s needs, occur when they would like to hold the event, and take a deeper dive into firm needs and ideas.

    How long are these events? How much can I expect to be out of the office?
    Onsite advisory events typically last for one full day, although some firms may elect to have a two-day event. Some firms have actual sessions for four to five hours plus some leisure/recreation time. Others plan a full 8-hour day. Travel times will vary based on location.

    What happens if an important meeting comes up after I have committed to an advisory event?
    We understand that critical events and mandatory meetings come up – its part of the job! We ask that you let us know about the conflict as soon as possible so we can arrange an alternate advisor to attend in your place.

    Why should I participate in the program?
    This is an opportunity to help shape the industry, gain advisory experience, and be part of a unique CHIME program. In addition, honorariums compensate you for your time and can help pay for your CHIME membership, forum expenses or other CHIME programs that you wish to attend, should you or your organization need the assistance.

    What if I can’t accept an honorarium due to company policy but I still would like to participate?
    We understand that many organizations have policies against the acceptance of honorariums. If you cannot accept an honorarium, other options include having it donated to the CHIME Education Foundation or your own organization’s Foundation.

    Are there terms and conditions that I need to agree to in order to be established in the Advisory Services program?
    Yes, every advisor must sign a participation and confidentiality agreement that also includes an item related your company approving your participation in this program.

For more information about Advisory Services, please contact [email protected].