Foundation Insight: Using a Career in Industry to Give Members the Best Value

By Barb Sivek, Vice President, CHIME Foundation


As your “now official” vice president of the CHIME Foundation, I am pleased to share with you how excited I am to be working on your behalf here at CHIME. Coming from a long history in the industry myself, including roles at Cerner Corporation and at Siemens Healthcare, I spent the last decade of my career managing industry relationships with many healthcare organizations, including CHIME. Having walked in your shoes, I deeply understand the challenges that you face on a daily basis. I know how difficult it can be to garner budgets for association memberships, how creatively demanding it can be to focus organizational efforts on building partnerships with industry associations – and very importantly – ensuring that you are getting a return on your membership investment.

With that knowledge – our team goal is to do our utmost to make your interactions with us meaningful. We realize the nature of your demanding roles within your own organizations and therefore want to provide prompt reliable service. This year we have delivered quarterly benefit reports to 155 organizations, every single quarter – guaranteeing that you are clearly aware of your CHIME benefits utilization. We do this with the intent to help you further maximize your presence with our members.  Making sure that we meet your membership needs is key to our operation.

And we want to constantly improve our services and offerings. We can only do that through input from you. We do that by listening – your feedback is critical to us – and we welcome it.

Since the beginning of this year, the CHIME Foundation has accomplished a great deal. With support of a terrific committee, we’ve planned an outstanding CPES17 event customized for you to learn directly from our CIO leaders what partnership practices are key to building valuable relationships with them and their organizations. Your team will leave with lots to think about, implement and act upon. Additionally, we’ve rolled out the CHIME Foundation Certified Healthcare Executive Program, a great opportunity to acquire valuable credentials in the healthcare IT field. The first-ever exam will take place at CPES17, with added opportunities to take the exam at CHIME17 Fall CIO Forum and online as well. In addition, CHIME Foundation has welcomed 16 new members and initiated an international sponsorship program for educational events around the globe.

Making progress with any challenge more often than not takes a team. It is my honor to work as part of the CHIME Foundation team in partnership with you to share ideas, inform, educate, network and build lasting relationships. We appreciate your phenomenal support for the work of the CHIME Foundation.  And I look forward to expressing my gratitude to you in person at one of our upcoming events.

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