The CHIME Certified Healthcare CIO International Program 

    Due to recent demand from the ever growing CHIME International membership, CHIME has created an international version of the popular CHIME Certified Healthcare CIO (CHCIO) program. This is the first certification program exclusively for CIOs and IT executives in the healthcare industry. A CHCIO demonstrates the commitment, knowledge and experience required to master the core skills inherent to successful healthcare CIOs and IT executives.

    Distinguish yourself from your peers
    Becoming a CHCIO makes it easy for you to distinguish yourself as a leader within the healthcare IT industry. The CHCIO program is the first healthcare industry credential developed for CIOs by CIOs.

    Current CHCIO & CHCIO-Eligible International Professionals

    – View the list of International CHCIO Professionals (current as of 12.29.17)



    Who is eligible to participate in the CHCIO International program?
    To participate in the CHCIO International program an individual must be a current CHIME International Member in good standing. Once an individual meets the requirements of membership and becomes a member of CHIME they are eligible to enter the CHCIO program.

    CHCIO Candidate Requirements
    Becoming CHCIO Certified



    The CHCIO International examination consists of 100 multiple choice questions, including scenario-based and independent questions. The examination will be taken without the aid of study guides or other resources. The exam must be completed within 2.5 hours. The CHCIO examination is offered at CHIME in-person events in the United States AND at testing centers worldwide.

    CHIME has partnered with Kryterion to offer the CHCIO exam online at over 800 testing centers around the world. To locate a testing center near you, click here 

    Exam Study Materials

    Upon enrollment into the CHCIO program you will receive a link to the CHCIO exam study materials. These materials include the CHCIO reading materials divided by domain, a CHCIO practice exam and the CHCIO blueprint.



    The CHCIO program Enrollment is currently free to international members while we complete the international exam validation phase.

    After validation is complete the program costs are as follows:

    Program enrollment is $625. Enrollment into the CHCIO program includes:

    – CHCIO Application
    – The CHCIO exam study materials that include the reading materials divided by domain, a CHCIO
    practice exam and the CHCIO blueprint
    – CHCIO exam registration

    Upon completion of the CHCIO program enrollment form you will be contacted by a member of the CHIME staff to continue your journey through the program.

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    The CHCIO program requires individuals to participate in professional development and educational activities. CHIME utilizes Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to measure participation.

    CHIME recognizes ONE hour of professional development and educational activity participation as equivalent to ONE CEU.

    Submitting CEUs for HIMSS/CHIME & Non-HIMSS/CHIME Events

    Please select CHIME-based CEUs to submit credits for events and sessions sponsored by CHIME. All other submissions outside of CHIME should be reported as non-CHIME CEUs.

    How to Submit CEUs:
    – For non-CHIME submissions, please include provider’s name in the event title
    – Archived submissions must include original date in description and date applied in start and end dates
    – Multiple (up to three) events may be submitted on one form, but all must fall under the same
    category, non-CHIME or CHIME events


    Qualifying CEU Opportunities

    CEU Reports/Transcripts


    To maintain/renew your CHCIO & CHCIO-Eligible status:
    – Continue your CHIME membership or Affiliate program participation in good standing.
    – Complete 45 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) with a minimum of ten credits per year, of
    which 50% must be CHIME activities**+
    – Submit renewal/maintenance fee of $199
    – Adhere to the CHIME Professional Standards of Conduct
    – In lieu of submitting CEUs, may sit for the CHCIO Exam

    ** If you have completed at least 80% of your CEUs within three years, you may apply for a six-month extension to complete the remaining credits.
    +CHCIOs can retain the CHCIO credential should they leave the CIO role and are therefore not be able to maintain their membership. To keep their credential current, they would need to earn 45 CEUs. The requirement that half of the CEUs need to be from CHIME activities would be waived since they would no longer be eligible to attend CHIME events. The same does not apply to those with a CHCIO-Eligible status. 

    Have you recently met the three years of professional experience criteria to become a full CHCIO?
    Complete the CHCIO Status Request Form

For questions regarding the CHCIO program please email [email protected] or call 734.665.0000.