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3.30.17 by Jane Dwelly, HIMSS-CHIME International

A new CHIME-HIMSS partnership officially launched last month with a series of workshops in England. The whirlwind tour inspired health IT leaders to drive change in their organizations.

London – HIMSS-CHIME International officially launched in the UK on a sunny spring morning at the historic central London headquarters of the British Medical Association.

Addressing the invited audience of C-suite healthcare IT leaders, CHIME President and CEO Russell Branzell and HIMSS President and CEO Steve Lieber challenged attendees to re-imagine their approach to taking their teams and organizations through the transformative change needed in the National Health Service.

The HIMSS-CHIME International tour then moved north to Manchester where 30 HIT leaders from the northwest of England met in the Museum of Science and Industry. Fittingly, this global heritage building is on the site of the world’s first railway station which opened in 1830 and also displays a prototype from 1950 of Ferranti Mark 1, the world’s first commercially available computer.

Keeping to the theme of ideas that have changed our society, Branzell welcomed delegates “to the revolution” and over the next three hours led a series of mind-expanding and norm-challenging discussions and table top workshops. Branzell was supported by Rachel Dunscombe, CHIME ambassador and CIO of local health organization, The Salford Group. Dunscombe was one of the first CIOs to earn the international CHCIO designation.

The overwhelming feeling at the end of the afternoon was one of optimism and excitement about tackling future challenges – people just wished they had more time to work on their leadership style!

Then, the indefatigable Branzell hopped over to Dublin, Ireland, and gave two workshops to universal approval. Called “The People Side of Change: Talent, Teams and Networks,” Branzell spoke to the Irish Executive Leadership Summit and also to the Health Service Executive – the body which provides health and social services to everyone living in Ireland.

It was an exciting launch to HIMSS-CHIME International!

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