The CHIME National Patient ID Challenge, sponsored by the CHIME Healthcare Innovation Trust, a CHIME organization,  is a global competition aimed at incentivizing new, early-stage and experienced innovators to accelerate the creation and adoption of a solution for ensuring 100 percent accuracy in identifying patients in the U.S. Patients want the right treatment and providers want information about the right patient to provide the right treatment. Patients also want to protect their privacy and feel secure that their identity is safe.
Accurate identification can greatly reduce the risk of preventable medical errors and significantly increase quality of care. It can also drive out unnecessary costs by reducing inefficiency. An identification system done well can protect a patient’s identity and privacy much better than the current system. First and foremost, patient identification is about patient safety, and we need to get it 100 percent right the first time, and every time.

We believe the CHIME National Patient ID Challenge can make this happen once and for all.

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tune in 300x169 Watch the launch press conference – held Tuesday, Jan. 19 12-12:30 pm (ET)