CHIME Technologies, Inc. is CHIME’s newest company, a for-profit entity that supports innovative new products and services from the healthcare industry.  CHIME Technologies facilitates the development of new value-added services that benefit CHIME members and the industry.

In 2015, CHIME began developing new programs under CHIME Technologies, Inc. to expand and deepen CHIME member opportunities. This entity allows CHIME to continue to explore new partnerships and services that provide value to you, our members, and your organizations.  Existing CHIME service offerings, such as Advisory Services and Speakers Bureau, are now housed under CHIME Technologies and will continue to grow and change to meet your needs.  In addition, the CHIME Cooperative Member Services Program creates a new and unique way for CHIME members and CHIME Foundation firms to engage with one another.


CHIME Technologies provides the following programs:

Cooperative Member Services
cooperative member services program logo 200

Leverage the IT services and solutions offered exclusively by CHIME Foundation firms through the CHIME Cooperative Member Services Program to help your organization succeed, and start saving time, capital and resources today.



speakers bureau logo 200Speakers Bureau

The CHIME Speakers Bureau offers a quick and effective way to identify speakers for a wide variety of events including conferences, workshops and one-day seminars, strategy meetings, panels, webinars, and multi-day board/company retreats.



advisory services logo 200Advisory Services

CHIME Advisory Services provides CHIME Foundation firms with their very own advisory board of practicing CHIME CIOs to gain perspectives on the industry and their product/service offerings.