CPES17 in Review

By The CHIME Foundation Team

It’s been about a month since the 2017 CHIME Partner Education Summit (CPES17), CHIME Foundation’s second annual educational and professional development event created specifically for our Foundation firm partners. It was a true pleasure to meet so many of our valued members, as well as learn together, share meals, and interact with our outstanding CPES faculty, comprised of CHIME CIOs. 

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Since returning from Chicago, we’ve spent time reviewing the evaluations, debriefing with the CPES Planning Committee and reflecting on the event.  As we plan CPES 18, we’ll be taking your input and feedback under consideration.  Here are some event highlights we’d like to share  

CPES by the numbers 

  • 159 attendees, originally higher – but Hurricane Harvey and Irma impacted CPES with storm-related cancellations 
  • 44 firms represented 
  • 99% of CPES17 attendees said they would recommend this program to a colleague 
  • 99% of CPES17 attendees felt that subject matter was appropriate and taught with a real-world orientation 
  • 99% of CPES17 attendees rated the overall value of the CPES17 program as good, very good or excellent 

Some of our top-rated sessions included: 

  • Public Policy and Regulatory Impacts on Healthcare 
  • The C-Suite Dynamic 
  • Ask the CIOs panel 
  • Transformational Change – Dos and Taboos (keynote) 
  • Establishing and Maintaining Long-term Strategic Partnerships  

We received many great suggestions of future topics you’d like to see covered at CPES. The CHIME team and CHIME Foundation Board value your input. We will be sending out a survey in the near future to solicit topics for CPES 18 – and we look forward to receiving your suggestions. 

For those of you who attended, our hope is that you take the knowledge, connections and insight you gained at this year’s event and use it, leverage it and share it with your teams. For those of you who did not, we hope you will make plans to attend CPES 18 – and see why your peers rated their CPES experience so highly. 


The CHIME Foundation Team 
Barb, Jessica, Rose and Arika 

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