Inside CHIME: Looking to Drive Change in the Industry? Here’s the Key

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7.6.17 by Spenser Staebler
Specialist, Membership & Professional Development, CHIME

You have the power to do amazing things. At CHIME, our goal is to increase your ability to directly effect change you are passionate about at your organization. CHIME is shaped by CIOs, for CIOs. We are committed to doing whatever it takes to guarantee you are represented accurately. This includes everything from the products and services you use, to the policies in D.C. that impact your environment. CHIME needs YOU to engage and influence incredible change.

The first question someone has when proposed with an objective of this nature is, where do I begin? CHIME offers you a multitude of ways to get engaged. These opportunities range from focus groups determining the newest product and service trends, to serving on committees, and sharing industry best practices with your peers. Ensure your voice is heard; engage in the opportunity to shape your industry’s landscape.

Sonney Sapra, CHCIO, CIO at Tuality Healthcare in Oregon, describes it this way: “Being active with CHIME has been like being active with a large family. I always know where to go for advice, and guidance with any issue I am having at work. It is a support system that keeps giving. Not only do I get a lot from CHIME, but it gives me chance to give back to this amazing industry as well.”

Avenues for engagement include: 

Online events

College LIVE represents a new standard for delivering education online and utilizes distance learning technology powered by WebEx to stream live presentations. Learn from the industry’s top CIOs, vendors, healthcare suppliers, and consultants, speaking about the most pressing issues – all delivered to your desktop, and available “on demand.”

Focus groups are an opportunity to receive valuable feedback from the CHIME CIOs (the attendees will be CIOs or the “highest ranking IS executive” in a healthcare provider, payer or organization). These sessions are intended to be educational and interactive, not “sales pitches” of the members’ products and services.

Fall CIO Forum & Healthcare CIO Boot Camp™

Our Fall Forum is the premier event for healthcare CIOs. The forum provides valuable education programming, tailored specifically to meet the needs of CIOs and other healthcare IT executives, as well as face-to-face time with colleagues to collaborate, exchange best practices, address professional development needs and strengthen partnerships with industry associations, government agencies and service firms who share a professional interest in improving the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of healthcare.

The Healthcare CIO Boot Camp™ is an intensive three and one-half day education program offered by CHIME and taught by a faculty of healthcare CIO thought leaders. Combining presentations, small group discussions, case studies and interactive problem solving, participants learn the real-world skills necessary to become a successful healthcare CIO. Participation in the boot camp is currently limited to members of CHIME and their direct reports (including affiliates).

Committee participation

CHIME members are encouraged to become engaged in the organization. One valuable way members can contribute to CHIME is by getting involved with a committee. Joining a committee offers a variety of ways for our members to directly affect improvements – from short-term volunteer projects, to committees and board service.

Get your staff involved in AEHIS, AEHIT and AEHIA

Joining AEHIS, AEHIT and AEHIA gives you and your team the opportunity to work alongside other top security, technology and applications leaders in a focused environment. Each association serves as a deep dive into the complex issues your organization faces, giving you and your direct reports actionable guidance to apply and improve your organization.


Take action on the challenges you and your colleagues are facing. Get engaged in CHIME today.

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