Fall Forum Leadership from the Edge – Position Your Proposal for Success!

Date: 05/25/2017
Event Type: Archived , CIO Forum , Foundation , Webinar
Session Speaker(s):

Summer O’Neill, MEd, Director of Education, CHIME
Sarah Richardson, CHCIO, CIO, HealthCare Partners CIO CA Market
Michael Martz, MBA, CHCIOCIO, Ohio Valley Health Services & Education

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Event Information

At the CHIME17 Fall CIO Forum, CHIME will launch a new program called Leadership from the Edge (LFTE). This program will consist of three short talks of 20 minutes each, and will present compelling and innovative views into the future of healthcare. How do HIT leaders see the future of healthcare? How will their leadership change? What are the needs of what will be a very different healthcare delivery environment, and how will they meet them? These questions, and more, are what we hope to answer through LFTE. CHIME will be seeking proposals for LFTE from its membership, so mark your calendar to join us for this informational session to learn more about exciting new offering. CHIME17 Fall Forum Planning Committee leadership, Sarah Richardson and Mike Martz, will be on hand to explain the program and answer questions.
Learning Objectives:
  • Describe key differences between the Track Session program and LFTE
  • Discuss the proposal submission requirements and key due dates
  • Explain the evaluation and selection process
  • Identify valuable tips for submitting a compelling proposal