A Primer for Standardizing Communication Process and Technology in an Integrated System

Date: 10/11/2017
Event Type: Archived , College LIVE
Session Speaker(s):

Dennis Giles, Director, Unified Communication and Collaboration, Service Desk Support Centers, Advocate Health System Michelle McCleerey, Vice president of Strategy and Chief Clinician Officer, PerfectServe

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Event Information

  Advocate Health System’s standardized clinical communications is reducing clinicians’ response times to manage care. As providers deploy their own tools for consistent communications, they can learn from Advocate’s sustainability strategy to guide optimal tool utilization and enhancements.
Learning Objectives
  • Formulate a sustainability strategy that includes establishing a governance structure and stakeholder buy-in via a steering committee in the adoption of an enterprise tool mandated for use by clinicians.
  • Comprehend the importance of promoting heavily your clinical communications tool to keep it top of mind with hospital leadership, such as delivering presentations detailing statistics measuring adoption progress at quarterly meetings and suggesting ways to improve to the next level.
  • Delineate the strengths of creating metrics for an enterprise technology to drive optimal usage.