CIO Strategy: How to Find the Right Hire

Date: 03/23/2016
Event Type: Archived , College LIVE
Session Speaker(s):

Wayne Kinney, CEO/President, ICG
Penelope O'Boyle Caldwell, VP of Solutions, ICG
David Gravender, CIO, Alameda Health System

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Event Information

This session will provide a best practice strategy to ease the process of hiring the right employee for the position needed in your department. In addition, discover how to effectively work with your HR department in finding the best hire with the right qualifications while taking into consideration salaries and tasks associated with hiring out of state employees. Finally, this session will explore how to match salary ranges and benefits with those of your organization, regardless of physical location.
Learning Objectives:
  • Explain how to use the latest technology and software to retain highly skilled employees; higher level of employees with more experience
  • Identify an effective communication strategy with your HR Department and CFO implementing this innovative hiring solution
  • Discuss management suggestions for off-site employees
  • Describe how this method can increase your departments productivity and decrease the need for consultants