Data Accessibility: New Interoperability Pathways for Acquiring, Consuming, and Aggregating Medical

Date: 10/24/2017
Event Type: Archived , Online Focus Group
Session Speaker(s):

Brian Hart, Development Executive at Merge/IBM Watson Health

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Traditional HL7 asynchronous content exchange has been working for the most part, but as we move toward the dream of a true longitudinal health record, how can we free information from closed systems and interoperate more deeply with the EMR? Today’s typical information exchange tends to be in isolation compared to what may be achievable by consuming data more easily and with higher accuracy through new industry platforms like Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR).<


This focus group will explore advanced opportunities for connecting medical imaging data to EMR systems and other healthcare IT entities for better data acquisition and integration, ultimately leading to enhanced patient care.

 Learning Objectives:
  • Explore the possibilities of the new FHIR standard as a pathway to extract data that’s not typically available, or is difficult to acquire, from EMR systems
  • Discuss the data-centric aspects of enterprise imaging, including key priorities and initiatives for integration between your medical imaging data and your EMR
  • Contribute to IBM Watson Health’s imaging interoperability strategy, as we create interesting value-add enterprise applications that provide information about clinical care