Enterprise Content Services, The New ECM – 2pm

Date: 08/22/2017
Event Type: Archived , Online Focus Group
Session Speaker(s):

Laura Hal, Hospital Solutions Product Specialist, ChartMaxx Solutions
Jeff Lusby, Regional Sales Director, Quest Diagnostics
Scott Hozey, Quest Diagnostics

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Event Information

Technology is evolving when it comes to collecting, managing, and using data – data sets that encompass patient care records and as well as records collected and used by ancillary departments across all healthcare organizations. As technology advancements continue in our patient-consumer driven market, the next step in the cycle is the move from document and content management to content services. Enterprise Content Services encompass all the solutions afforded by its predecessor technologies, with a focus on meeting expectations relative to speed to market and data availability. Please join the ChartMaxx Team in a discussion around Enterprise Content Services and how tailored content applications raise interoperability and automated processes to the next level.


Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss the transition from Enterprise Content Management to Enterprise Content Services
  2. Understand how Enterprise Content Services will benefit Member organizations
  3. Discuss IT priorities and how Enterprise Content Services rank amongst them