Enterprise Imaging: A Full Scale Replacement or Building on Current Workflow? 2pm

Date: 07/20/2017
Event Type: Archived , Online Focus Group
Session Speaker(s):

Harold Welch, VP of Technical Solutions Worldwide, Novarad

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Event Information

The increasing popularity of Enterprise Imaging and the centralization of the EMR as the main source of medical information is forcing healthcare providers to improve clinicians and hospitalists’ access to images and medical data in different areas throughout the facility.


Oftentimes, the implementation and use of the EMR has called for tradeoffs in the efficiency of the clinical workflow. Limitations to clinicians’ access to relevant patient information for a specific encounter or the inability to access full patient record outside of the hospital are all ways that EMR restrictions can contribute to inefficient clinical workflow. Compounding this challenge is the need to be HIPAA compliant when acquiring pictures and videos at the point of care via mobile devices and the related requirements for security, storage and ultimately access to this information. Additionally, a focus needs to be put on the purpose for implementing such an enterprise imaging system, as this will affect how the project is evaluated and the strategic aims of the project. For example, while it may make sense to replace and make updates to your radiology workflow, replacing modules and systems within cardiology may be detrimental to achieving an optimum workflow.


Learning Objectives

  1. Understand how the EMR experience be optimized so that clinicians have better access to relevant patient information across the entire care continuum and what is the impact to clinicians by having secure workflow enhancement and unified content throughout the facility.
  2. The importance of having the ability to satisfy the physicians’ desire for using personal mobile devices in healthcare as well as maintaining HIPAA compliance with an improved workflow related to acquiring non-DICOM images.
  3. How to determine the scope of the Enterprise Imaging project. For example, whether this is a full PACS replacement and Enterprise Imaging initiative, more of an EMR optimization project with workflow enhancement, or creating a centralized imaging and data repository.