Patient Engagement and Information Access: Using technology to facilitate integration of patient-2pm

Date: 12/14/2017
Event Type: Archived , Online Focus Group
Session Speaker(s):

Tim Needham, Executive Director, Healthcare Solutions at Burwood Group, Inc.  

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Event Information

Burwood Group is a Healthcare IT consultant focused on improving the experience of caregivers, patients and their families. Our past and present work is focused on strategy development, implementation and optimization in the areas of clinical communication, contact center design and general clinical informatics. Our team would like to gain CIO insights from the CHIME community in order to help guide expansion of our capabilities. Specific topics will include:
- The convergence of mobile apps, contact center, Customer Relationship Management software
- The role of IT in supporting Marketing initiatives for the health system
- Experiences with patient/family outreach and engagement in support of shared-risk contracts and population health efforts
- Concerns related to data capture and usage from monitoring and patient feedback technologies located in the home or alternate care settings

Learning Objectives:
Burwood would like to understand the CIO vision and response to:
- The role of the contact center, patient portal, mobile apps and the EMR in patient engagement strategy development. Discussion topics to include the current use, additional capabilities and limitations of the contact center, and ideas for improving the patient experience in “connecting” with their health system and care team.
- CRM for Healthcare solutions (, etc.) – are health systems working with these types of vendors to build improved Marketing strategies? Discussion topics to include evaluation of specific use cases related to patient outreach and engagement using CRM, and the use of CRM tools for data collection.
- Data collection from the patient outside of the hospital/connected devices: Is this information getting into the EMR? Do providers have access to information collected via surveys, home monitoring devices, patient monitoring performed at post-acute facilities? If not today, what is the vision for how this data will be collected, validated and used in patient care?