Using Virtualization to Better Secure Healthcare Environments

Date: 12/12/2017
Event Type: Archived , College LIVE
Session Speaker(s):

Christopher Frenz, Director of Infrastructure, Interfaith Medical Center

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With a bigger target on their backs than ever, healthcare organizations are continually looking for the best ways to secure their critical applications and the sensitive data that reside there. In recent years, this has led to myriad security solutions being bolted on and dropped into already complex environments. As the rate of data breaches continues to rise despite an annual increase in spending on IT security, it’s time for a new approach; one that injects security directly into the existing infrastructure on which applications and data live. Join Interfaith Medical Center’s Chris Frenz as he talks about the increasingly challenging task of securing Healthcare organizations and the role virtualization can play in strengthening the security posture.


Learning objectives:

  1. Why is securing healthcare environments difficult today?
  2. What is microsegementation?
  3. How does virtualization help overcome the challenges of securing healthcare environments today?