CHIME17 Fall CIO Forum Track Session Proposals

Submit a track session proposal, and you may have the opportunity to share your knowledge, insight and expertise with more than 800 CIOs and top healthcare IT executives. Sixteen, peer-selected presentations will be featured across four tracks during the CHIME17 Fall CIO Forum program on November 1 and 2, 2017.

Please thoroughly review the submission requirements, tracks and additional information before submitting your proposal.

All proposals are due by 5 pm (ET) on April 27 extended to May 4, 2017!
(No late or incomplete proposals will be accepted)

Need inspiration? Watch our webinar with tips on submitting your proposal.


    A title and short and long presentation description is required. The long session description should be no
    more than 2,400 characters, and the short description should be no more than 750 characters. The long
    description should clearly describe the proposal content such as problem statements, case study or challenges/
    lessons learned as well as conclusions, outcomes and recommendations. The short description should
    succinctly describe the topic and will be used for publication, however, CHIME reserves the right to edit
    final abstracts for print and web publication. Submitters should consider if their topic will be relevant
    approximately seven months from now, and as such, are encouraged to focus on emerging topics.

    A minimum of three learning objectives are required, up to a maximum of five objectives. Objectives should
    be short statements identifying what attendees will learn from attending the presentation. Please use
    action verbs to begin each objective (e.g. describe, discuss, explain, identify).

    At least one topic keyword (industry topics such as EHRs, population health and process improvement) and
    one search category (HIT, Quality/Safety, Strategy/Innovation, Regulatory/Policy, Leadership/Career)
    per proposal must be identified.

    Sales pitches are not allowed and proposals with such are not accepted.

    There is a limit of four (4) speakers per proposal. Standard presentations, panels and facilitated
    audience discussions are permitted formats. A panel moderator counts as a speaker.

    All speakers must be current members of CHIME or senior-level executives of a CHIME Foundation firm. Note:
    if you are submitting on behalf of the speakers, it is your responsibility to ensure ALL speakers are members
    of CHIME before submitting. 
    If you are unsure, please contact CHIME staff to verify membership status.

    Please review the chart below to determine you or your speakers’ eligibility to submit a proposal and/or speak in a Track Session.

    Membership Type/Level May I submit a proposal? How many proposals may I submit? May I Speak?
    CHIME Members
    Full Members Yes Up to 4; no more than 1 per track Yes
    Corporate Senior IT/IS Members Yes Up to 4; no more than 1 per track Yes
    CMIO/CNIO Members Yes Up to 4; no more than 1 per track Yes
    Affiliates No None No

    CHIME Foundation Partners
    Premier Yes Up to 4; no more than 1 per track Yes
    Standard Yes Up to 4; no more than 1 per track Yes
    Associate Yes Up to 4; no more than 1 per track Yes
    Affiliate Subscriber No None No

    Note: AEHIS, AEHIA and AEHIT members and AEHIS, AEHIA and AEHIT Foundation partners are not eligible to submit a Track Session proposal or speak at the CHIME Fall CIO Forum. However, if the speaker holds a dual membership within one of these organizations, and CHIME, he/she may be eligible. Please contact CHIME staff if in doubt. 

    Speaker biographies are required through the online proposal submission. Speaker photos are not
    required during this phase of the submission process.
    A point of contact must be identified for each proposal in the online application. This will be CHIME’s
    primary contact for communication regarding the proposal.


    Sessions are 45-minutes in length, inclusive of introductions and a 10-15-minute Q&A.
    Sessions are moderated by a CHIME17 Planning Committee member.
    A maximum of four (4) proposals may be submitted per individual (per CHIME Member or per
    CHIME Foundation firm) but not more than one (1) proposal per track.
    Preference is given to proposals that include one or more CHIME provider HIT executives.
    Selected presentations will be scheduled either November 1 and 2. Speakers are expected to be available
    during this timeframe.
    Speaker information provided in the proposal is used on the website and in all promotional materials except
    for contact information.

    TIP: Presentation emphasis should be placed on conveying the solution process rather than the solution itself. (i.e. how something was accomplished, not necessarily what was accomplished)


    New for CHIME17! Tracks have been carefully reviewed and updated to reflect the industry’s most critical challenges.

    What’s new?
    Track B has been enhanced to include a variety of topics related to the integration of IT and care delivery,
    as well as organizational best practices that leverage IT to improve the business.
    Track C is now the Emerging Issues in Healthcare and Health Information Technology track.
    A Clinical Informatics track has been added (Track D) that focuses on the shift from IT as infrastructure
    to IT as an integral part of clinical workflow.

    Please carefully review each track to determine where your proposal(s) best fit.

    Track A: Strategy and Leadership focuses on key skill sets, knowledge and relationship building that strengthen the HIT executive’s role as a key member and advisor in the organization’s executive C-Suite team. Presentations should focus on non-technical HIT leadership topics, strategy, issues and innovation. EXAMPLE TOPICS

    Track B: Business and Care Transformation explores the integration of IT with clinical care delivery improvement, patient care outcome and business improvement activities. This includes organizational best practices that leverage IT services to operate more efficiently and compete more effectively, while providing high quality patient care and effective financial management in today’s dynamic environment. Success stories and best practices are featured highlighting innovation and processes that made significant business and care transformation improvements in organizations. EXAMPLE TOPICS

    Track C: Emerging Issues in Healthcare and Health Information Technology examines the myriad of new and emerging trends, technologies and issues impacting healthcare and healthcare IT leadership. EXAMPLE TOPICS

    Track D: Clinical Informatics focuses on the shift in healthcare from IT as infrastructure to IT as an integral part of the clinical workflow. With this shift, implementation and adoption of healthcare information technology is no longer the central concern. Rather, creating true value through patient and provider engagement, and safe and efficient use of therapies and resources must be the outcome. Ideally, these sessions would be presented jointly by CMIOs, CNIOs and IT leaders. EXAMPLE TOPICS

  • CHIME17 Track Session Evaluation and Selection Process

    Track Sessions at the CHIME Fall CIO Forum are reviewed and selected by a Subcommittee of the Fall Forum Planning Committee, along with selected CHIME staff input. This approach ensures that we offer only the most cutting-edge, practically-focused education to the CHIME membership. The Subcommittee is chaired by the Vice Chair of the Fall Forum Planning Committee and is comprised of approximately 20-25 CHIME provider HIT executive members. Foundation partner representatives are not eligible to participate on either Subcommittee.


    Each complete, eligible proposal is carefully reviewed by the Subcommittee. Two teams are formed and
    each team reviews two tracks. Each proposal is evaluated by approximately 10-12 reviewers (this is
    dependent on the total number of Subcommittee members).
    Reviewers evaluate each proposal based on the following criteria:
    – Completion of ALL submission requirements
    – Clearly stated and concise proposal description and learning objectives
    – Proposal content addresses the topic and title
    – Proposal content is current and provides valued information
    – Content and concepts are practical and innovative
    – Presentation scope is within the time limit
    – Presentation design is creative and supports audience interaction
    – The proposal includes one or more CHIME provider HIT executives
    – And ask the question: Would you attend this session?

    Each reviewer provides an overall score (1 to 5) based on the above criteria and the scores are averaged
    to determine the proposal’s aggregate score. Reviewers may also add comments.
    Fall Forum Planning Committee and Subcommittee members are allowed to submit proposals for
    consideration provided they meet all of the submission criteria. Any Subcommittee member who submits
    a proposal is not allowed to participate on the team assigned to review the track for which they submitted.


    With over 100 Track Sessions proposals submitted each year for the Fall Forum, the selection process is very competitive. Reviewers look for innovative, focused proposals that are applicable to a variety of provider settings, while offering practical solutions to the most critical industry challenges.

    The Track Session Subcommittee and select CHIME staff meet to recommend the sixteen sessions (four
    per track) that will be invited to present at the Fall CIO Forum. Eight alternates (two per track; first and
    second) are also identified.
    A proposal’s aggregate score from reviewers is not the sole determining factor in the selection process.
    When making their selections, Subcommittee members seek diversity in the overall track session
    program, including topics, organizational type and Foundation partner representation.
    The Subcommittee gives preference to proposals including at least one CHIME provider HIT executive. It’s
    highly recommended that proposals submitted by a Foundation partner include at least one CHIME member.
    After the Subcommittee and staff identify the Track Sessions, CHIME staff notifies all submitters of
    their proposal status.

    If you have any further questions about the evaluation and selection process, please contact Summer O’Neill.


    All proposals are due by 5 pm (ET) on April 27 extended to May 4, 2017!
    (No late or incomplete proposals will be accepted)

    Proposals are peer-reviewed by the Fall CIO Forum Planning Committee, and accept/decline notifications will be sent via email to the primary contact person in early June. Committee selections are final. After receiving an acceptance notification, the primary proposal contact is responsible for notifying all speakers to confirm their availability.


    Presentation slides are due early in September on a date to be determined. A slide template and guidelines will be shared prior to the due date. Speakers must use the approved CHIME17 PowerPoint template.

    It is the responsibility of all speakers to obtain all necessary permissions and copyrights before submitting their slides to CHIME. All slides will be published on the conference website for attendee viewing/download.


    NEW FOR CHIME17! We will no longer offer Encore sessions (the four “best of the best” sessions) on Friday morning. Instead, CHIME will be introducing a new set of sessions on Friday morning called Leadership from the Edge. These sessions will focus on how HIT leaders are looking into the future to determine how their leadership is changing to meet the needs of a very different healthcare delivery environment. CHIME will be seeking presentations from our HIT leadership community that point the way toward this new path, exploring how leaders can prepare for the future direction of healthcare, create a strategic vision and develop the leadership needed to get there.

    Registration Information for CHIME member speakers: Speakers are required to self-register for the Forum and pay all applicable registration fees. CHIME does not cover travel expenses or any other expenses related to your presentation.

    Registration Information for Foundation Firm speakers: Foundation speaker registration counts towards the Foundation’s registration allotment. Please contact the CHIME Foundation staff if you have any questions. CHIME will not cover travel expenses or any other expenses related to your presentation.



    Please contact Summer O’Neill, Director of Education, at [email protected] for any questions on the proposal submission process.

The call for track session proposals has closed. Thank you to all who submitted. After the Subcommittee and staff identify the selected track sessions, all who submitted will be notified whether or not their proposal was chosen. Selections are anticipated to be announced mid-June.