Finalists for Prototype Testing Announced in CHIME Healthcare Innovation Trust National Patient ID Challenge

ANN ARBOR, MI, May 15, 2017 – Hundreds of innovators from around the world have participated in the CHIME Healthcare Innovation Trust National Patient ID Challenge. Following a thorough review by a panel of five independent judges, four finalists were named to proceed to the Prototype Testing Round. Each of the four finalists submitted concepts that are well-positioned to meet the Challenge criteria for a national patient ID solution.

Over the next several months, prototypes from each of these finalists will undergo intense testing in the areas of enrollment, identification, privacy, and security. The CHIME Healthcare Innovation Trust’s testing partner for the Prototype Testing Phase of the CHIME Healthcare Innovation National Patient ID Challenge is Modulus Inc., a San Jose based medical device manufacturing company. The submissions advancing are:

  • Michael Braithwaite’s proposal achieves patient identification through the use of multiple
    biometric technologies.
  • Bon Sy’s proposed solution identifies patients by analyzing a combination of behavioral and
    biometric information.
  • Team HarmonIQ Health System’s proposed solution uses blockchain, public ledger,
    FHIR and encryption/hashing technologies to identify patients.
  • Team RightPatient’s innovation uses photos, biometric third-party and other data, to
    enable patient identification.

“The creativity and complexity of the solutions submitted in the Final Innovation Round speak to the importance of this Challenge as a means of leveraging innovative ideas from across the private sector. Innovators from across the globe stepped forward to propose their solutions to solve a critical patient safety issue, ensuring that patients are correctly identified 100% of the time,” said CHIME President and CEO Russell Branzell.

“The time is now to solve this problem,” said CHIME Board of Trustees Chairperson Liz Johnson, Chief Information Officer, Acute Care Hospitals & Applied Clinical Informatics of Tenet Healthcare. “Our patients deserve better and the CHIME Healthcare Innovation Trust National Patient ID Challenge has presented the industry with a great opportunity to address this serious patient safety issue in our healthcare system. We know that a workable solution exists, and we are thrilled to announce that four worthy solutions will proceed to the Prototype Testing Round.”

Launched in January 2016, the CHIME Healthcare Innovation Trust’s National Patient ID Challenge encouraged innovators to develop a way for healthcare providers in the United States to accurately, privately and safely identify patients 100% of the time. Finding a viable solution will help to reduce healthcare costs, accelerate information exchange and, importantly, improve patient safety.

CHIME enthusiastically supports the language recently unveiled along with the FY17 federal funding bill that clarifies the ability for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Office for the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) to provide technical assistance to private sector efforts to accurately identify and match patients to their healthcare data.

“Just last week Congress acknowledged in the government funding bill, that one of the most significant barriers impeding information exchange is the lack of a national approach to identifying patients,” said Branzell. “Our Challenge has brought to light the innovation and creativity available in the private sector. With the clarifying language offered by Congress earlier this month, we hope to leverage expertise within our federal agencies and ensure that the winning solution meets the needs of patients, providers and the federal government alike, improving patient care and reducing healthcare costs.”

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