Membership Criteria

Firms being considered for CHIME Foundation membership should demonstrate at least several of the following criteria:

  • Supports the purpose of the CHIME Foundation: To encourage, develop, fund and implement programs that
    foster the empowerment of CIO’s and advancement of the Healthcare IT industry
  • Commits to working in partnership with CHIME CIO’s to refine your company’s strategy and direction regarding
    the needs of the healthcare industry and can demonstrate this support with documented examples
  • Demonstrates an established presence within the healthcare marketplace with a significant level of business
    activity related to consulting, recruiting, technology and/or applications within the healthcare IT industry
  • Has an ability to recruit Healthcare CIO’s into CHIME
  • Demonstrates a willingness to engage with CHIME association and actively participate within the organization
  • Commits to having its senior healthcare executive attend the annual CHIME conferences
  • Supports a diversity of interests and backgrounds while advancing and broadening the strength of the
    CHIME Foundation
Factors Which May Have Bearing on Membership
  • Incomplete submission materials and/or insufficient criteria
  • Any evidence of lawsuits and/or Federal/State investigations, the subject of which might reflect in a
    negative way upon CHIME and/or the CHIME Foundation

Membership Dues  (full 12 months of membership)

  • Premier – ($80,000)
  • Standard – ($42,500)
  • Associate – ($21,250)
  • Affiliate Subscription – ($11,000)
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APPLICATION - CHIME Foundation Membership

  • (Membership levels are capped per our Board of Directors and not all membership tiers may be available at the time of application)

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