Foundation Insight: CPES17’s Myra Davis on How to be a Partner

By Candace Stuart, Director of Communications & Public Relations

Myra Davis, Sr VP of Information Services, Texas Children’s Hospital

As senior vice president of information services and CIO at Texas Children’s Hospital, Myra Davis frequently is approached by industry representatives who want to talk with her about products and services. Some succeed while others fail, not necessarily because of inferior goods but because of avoidable mistakes in initiating or maintaining their relationship.

Davis shared some of her experiences at last year’s inaugural CHIME Partner Education Summit (CPES), an educational event for CHIME Foundation firm employees who want to learn more about their customers’ needs and goals. She will return this year to CPES17 to participate on two panels, including the interactive “Ask the CIOs” session.

In an interview, Davis offered her do’s and don’ts as a preview of lessons that can be learned at CPES17:

  • For starters, “When you send me an email, don’t misspell my name,” she said.
  • If you send an email and it doesn’t get a response, don’t pepper her with more. “Get the hint.”
  • Do your homework. “A partner really understands the technology I use, the problems healthcare is facing and helps with the challenges.”
  • Articulate the benefits. “Under value-based care models, show how technology will help bring solutions to the table.”
  • Put it in context. Whatever the technology or service, understand how it functions within the culture and regulations of a given region or state.
  • Don’t poach. “It’s not cool to hire my talent away,” she said. Texas Children’s competes for IT employees with higher-paying industries such as oil in a tight labor market.

Davis, who is also a member of CHIME’s Board of Trustees, complimented last year’s CPES attendees, saying they asked insightful questions and appreciated the CIO presenters’ perspective. This year CPES will take place Sept. 13-15 in Chicago. More information is available here.

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