Friday, November 3rd | 7:30 am – 8:45 am

CHIME will be introducing a new set of sessions on Friday morning called Leadership from the Edge. Formatted like TED Talks, these session focus on how HIT leaders are looking into the future to determine how their leadership is changing to meet the needs of a very different healthcare delivery environment.

The CHIME Fall Forum Planning Committee has selected the following presentation from our HIT leadership community that point the way toward this new path, exploring how leaders can prepare for the future direction of healthcare, create a strategic vision and develop the leadership needed to get there.


Human Trafficking: The Dark Side of Networking

7:30 am – 7:50 am

Donna Roach, CHCIO, CIO, Gulf Coast Health Ministry, Ascension Information Services

Human trafficking is a fast growing criminal industry, at $150 billion a year. In 2015, there were an estimated 1.5 million trafficking victims in North America. Many interact with our healthcare systems, being seen in the emergency room, physician’s office or clinic. But their fear of exposure, which is often exploited by their traffickers, requires a need for confidentiality that challenges our typical IT registration processes and EHR platforms.

Located in Wichita, Kansas, Via Christi recognized that human trafficking exists in our community.  As healthcare leaders, we spent time understanding the issue of access and how to address it. We assembled a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, nursing, informatics, clinical application analysts, social workers, community organizations and the local police. This required IT to partner with the clinical team and take a supportive role rather than drive the workflow improvement process. The care team developed a protocol and training for clinicians to detect the signs of victimization and take appropriate action. The focus is on protecting the individual’s identity and providing a safe environment. For IT, this means providing a registration and clinical documentation process without divulging the person’s identity.

Via Christi has trained over 1,900 clinicians on how to utilize the protocol and how best to intervene on behalf of the victim. In 2017, Via Christi has intervened in 52 cases to date in Wichita.

The Future of Interoperability

Michael Martz, CHCIO, MIO, Gulf Coast Ministry, Ascension

7:55 am – 8:15 am

Patients and physicians can’t understand why exchanging patient data isn’t as simple and secure as using another bank’s ATM. They don’t understand explanations of weak data standards, patient identification problems, unconnected networks and high cost. Political leaders suspect we make excuses to hide “data blocking” and demand fines. And new technologies only add cost, confusion and frustration. Can someone make it all stop? Many CIOs believe that “someone” is us.

Hear one CIO’s vision for achieving national (and perhaps international) interoperability. The presentation will offer seven core principles and transition to a proposal for an industry-wide collaboration of providers, associations, vendors, networks, payers, experts and government – convened by CHIME – to assemble and create the national interoperability that turns this story into reality.

The Rapidly Changing (Vanishing?) Role of the CIO: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

8:20 am – 8:40 am

New roles and titles are popping up in healthcare organizations across the country and across the world: Chief Digital Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Health Information Officer … the list goes on. In many cases, these new teams are being carved out of the “traditional” IT department, driven by the need to realize a true return on the healthcare IT investment.

We all realize that healthcare IT is much more about healthcare than it is about IT. Tomorrow’s successful CIO (or whatever title she has) will be the leader who can effectively partner with clinical informatics leaders. Building small, nimble teams that engage clinicians and patients may well be the single most important skill a CIO can develop today.

The presentation will be a dialog between two clinician CIOs who will challenge each other and the audience to find new ways to partner with clinicians and patients to reach outside of the hospital walls and build tomorrow’s healthcare system.

Theresa Meadows, CHCIO, VP & CIO, Cook Children’s Hospital

George Reynolds, MD,MMM, CHCIO, Retired CIO & CMIO, Reynolds Healthcare Advisers, LLC.