The CHIME17 Fall Forum Planning Committee has developed a program designed to look toward the future of healthcare and create an innovative vision for leadership to achieve new successes. As part of this forward-thinking program, CHIME will launch a new session called: Leadership from the Edge (LFTE), where members will propose their vision of where they believe healthcare is headed and what it might mean for leaders and C-Suite executives.

The Leadership from the Edge program will consist of three short talks of 20 minutes each (includes a brief question and answer period), similar to TED Talks. These short presentations will present compelling and innovative views into the future of healthcare and the role of the HIT leader. As a selected speaker, you will present to all forum attendees, without agenda competition. These sessions will precede our provocative closing keynote by Don Tapscott on how blockchain is changing money and business, and its potential impact on healthcare.


    How do HIT leaders see the future of healthcare? How will their leadership change? What are the needs of what will be a very different healthcare delivery environment, and how will they meet them? These questions, and more, are what we seek leaders to answer.

    In this new world, healthcare services may be delivered in many different forms and outside of the current delivery systems and models. The roles of CIOs, CMIOs, CNIOs and other healthcare leaders will need to change significantly. CIOs will be creating a new vision of IT leaders participating in (and sometimes guiding) corporate strategy teams to shape the future delivery of HIT.

    Not sure if/how/what you should submit?
    If you are considering submitting a proposal, but aren’t sure how to get started or have questions, watch our recent informational webinar to learn more.



    Develop your idea with a view towards what lies ahead, the possibilities and potential and how the future
    state may look. How would you answer the big questions in healthcare right now?
    Topics can vary and need to provide provocative views into tomorrow. The audience should leave
    inspired – thinking about their work and their leadership in a new and different way.
    Presentations should not be about specific products or sales pitches. Instead, focus on the ways in
    which healthcare delivery and leadership may change because of new, disruptive organizational
    approaches and technologies.
    Successful presentations will illustrate the CIO, CMIO and CNIO as members of the C-Suite. It will discuss
    how we engage to bring value and how we educate our peers to see the new ways in which IT is now a part
    of healthcare delivery.
    Proposals should demonstrate your passion and include your plans/ideas for disruptive, innovative, and
    game-changing technologies and leadership in healthcare.
    Providers (CIOs, CMIOs, CNIOs) may present alone or may partner with a Foundation Firm member for
    their talk, however, the provider speaker must be the primary speaker. There is a limit of two speakers on
    each proposal.
    This is not a standard presentation. We are looking for presenters to tell a compelling story that
    challenges assumptions, delivers new concepts and ideas and ensures Forum participants will be talking
    about your presentation for weeks to come. We are looking for moon shot ideas and how we get there.


    Title and description of your session (the description should be no more than 2400 characters). Using
    the criteria above, describe what you will present in this session, including the problem or challenge and
    your vision for the future. In addition, answer the following questions:
    – In what way is this important to the future of healthcare?
    – What are the key messages for the audience?
    – How will you tell the story to the audience?
    – What do you hope the audience will take away from your session?

    Presenter(s) information and biographies. There is a limit of two speakers on each proposal. If a
    Foundation partner is included with a provider speaker, the provider speaker must be the primary speaker
    on the proposal.
    The speakers are the point of contact regarding the proposal, and if selected, the
    session. Speaker photos are not required during this phase of the submission process, but will be
    requested should the proposal be selected. Note: the primary speaker will receive the proposal
    email confirmation.

    Both speakers must be current members of CHIME or senior-level executives of a CHIME Foundation
    firm. Note: as the proposal submitter, it is your responsibility to ensure ALL speakers are members of
    CHIME before submitting. If you are unsure, please contact CHIME staff to verify membership status.



    Please review the chart below to determine you or your speakers’ eligibility to submit a proposal and/or speak in a LFTE session.

    Membership Type/Level May I submit a proposal? How many proposals may I submit? May I Speak?
    CHIME Members
    Full Members Yes No Limit Yes
    Corporate Senior IT/IS Members Yes No Limit Yes
    CMIO/CNIO Members Yes No Limit Yes
    Affiliates No None No

    CHIME Foundation Partners
    Premier Yes, but you are required to partner with a CHIME provider member No Limit Yes
    Standard Yes, but you are required to partner with a CHIME provider member No Limit Yes
    Associate Yes, but you are required to partner with a CHIME provider member No Limit Yes
    Affiliate Subscriber No None No

    Note: AEHIS, AEHIA and AEHIT members and AEHIS, AEHIA and AEHIT Foundation Partners are not eligible to submit a LFTE proposal or speak at the Fall CIO Forum. However, if the speaker holds a dual membership within one of these organizations, and CHIME, he/she may be eligible. Please contact CHIME staff if in doubt.


    Sessions are 20-minutes in length, inclusive of introductions and a very brief (approximately five
    minutes) question and answer period.
    Sessions are moderated by a CHIME17 Planning Committee member.
    Slides may be used and a minimum number is recommended, but we do not recommend making a
    slide presentation the focus of your talk. They should be used to add color and emphasis to your talk, but
    not drive it.
    There is no limit to the number of proposals a CHIME provider member or Foundation partner can submit,
    but please carefully consider the quality of your proposals before determining how many to submit.
    Selected presentations will be scheduled the morning of November 3. Speakers are expected to be
    available during this timeframe.
    Speaker information provided in the proposal is used on the website and in all promotional materials except
    for contact information.

  • Selection Process

    The Leadership from the Edge subcommittee will follow a two-step process when evaluating proposals. Three proposals will be selected to present at the Leadership from the Edge program on Friday, November 3rd.

    Step 1:

    Each committee member will assign a score (1 to 5) for each of the below criteria. Reviewers may also add comments.

    Clearly stated and concise proposal description
    Proposal content addresses the topic and title
    Content and concepts are forward-thinking and innovative
    Presentation scope is within the time limit

    Reviewers select a number of finalist proposals to move to Round 2 (this number will be determined by the committee).

    Step 2:

    Finalists will receive an invitation to present a shortened version or “elevator pitch” of their presentation to the committee via WebEx. This will include a Q&A with the committee to further evaluate the presentations and select the 3 proposals for the program.

    In addition to the criteria above, the committee will be using the following criteria during this round, and assigning a score (1 to 5) for each:

    The presentation presents a provocative view, and discusses plans/ideas for disruptive, innovative,
    and game-changing technologies and leadership in healthcare
    The key messages will be impactful for the audience and the presenter has demonstrated a plan
    to present the material in a memorable way
    The presentation discusses CIOs, CMIOs and/or CNIOs as members of the C-Suite and how to
    bring value and educate our peers to see the new ways in which IT is now a part of healthcare delivery

    Reviewers will then select the three proposals that will be invited to present at LFTE, along with two alternates.


    The selected speakers will be required to participate in one or two 30-minute individual speaker preparation calls with CHIME staff to further refine their topic and discuss the format and delivery. The LFTE Committee has identified some good books and tips used by TED speakers, and others; this information will shared with the selected speakers. LFTE Committee members and/or CHIME staff will also be available to provide review and coaching if requested by our selected speakers.



    All proposals are due by 5 pm ET on Friday, June 23, 2017. No late or incomplete proposals will be accepted.

    Proposals are peer-reviewed by the Leadership from the Edge subcommittee, and accept/decline notifications will be sent via email to the speakers in mid-August. Committee selections are final.



    If you choose to use slides, final slide presentations are due in mid-October on a date to be determined. A slide template and guidelines will be shared prior to the due date. Speakers must use the approved Leadership from the Edge PowerPoint template.

    It is the responsibility of all speakers to obtain all necessary permissions and copyrights before submitting their slides to CHIME. All slides will be published on the conference website for attendee viewing/download.




    CHIME will be recording these presentations for members to access after the Forum. This will be a unique opportunity for your ideas to be showcased long after the Forum has ended. Please consider this possibility when developing your topic, and keep in mind that the Forum is approximately six months from now.

    Registration Information for CHIME member speakers: Speakers are required to self-register for the Forum and pay all applicable registration fees. CHIME does not cover travel expenses or any other expenses related to your presentation.

    Registration Information for Foundation Firm speakers: Foundation speaker registration counts towards the Foundation’s registration allotment. Please contact the CHIME Foundation staff if you have any questions. CHIME will not cover travel expenses or any other expenses related to your presentation.



    Please contact Summer O’Neill, Director of Education, at [email protected] for any questions on the proposal submission process.


QUESTIONS? Please contact [email protected] for any questions on the proposal submission process.