CHIME offers several awards honoring the outstanding efforts and accomplishments of those who have demonstrated leadership, innovation and collaboration through the application of technology in healthcare.


Fellow Program

CHIME’s Board of Trustees established the Fellow program to honor and recognize CHIME members who have actively participated in the organization and who have made significant contributions to the healthcare IT field as a CIO. Advancement to Fellow is an award and recognition for service and contribution to the organization, not just an acknowledgment of the length of membership in the CHIME. The CHIME Board of Trustees is pleased to offer advancement to Fellow for those members who have been long standing contributors to the success of the CHIME.


Lifetime Membership

Eligibility Requirements: The individual must have been a CHIME member for a total of 15 years (consecutive or non-consecutive) and must have served on the CHIME Board OR have achieved CHIME Fellow status.

Lifetime members are entitled to all the benefits and privileges of CHIME membership but are no longer required to pay annual dues.* Lifetime CHIME members are entitled to use the LCHIME designation. Memberships will be assessed each year, and those members who meet the criteria will be notified and entered into the program. *In the event that a Lifetime member moves to a healthcare IT vendor or consulting firm, the benefits and privileges of individual CHIME membership will be suspended; however, they may continue to use the LCHIME designation.

Emeritus Membership Program

Emeritus status can be granted to members upon their retirement from the healthcare IT industry as long as they are no longer involved in earning income from a position in the healthcare information services industry and are not earning income by being employed by or as a vendor or consultant in any industry.

Individuals who would like to transition into Emeritus status must have been a member of CHIME in good standing for not less than five years. Emeritus status provides for continuation of all rights, privileges, and benefits of CHIME except joint membership in HIMSS (but HIMSS membership may be purchased separately). In addition, those members with Emeritus status are not eligible to serve as an elected Officer.