What is CHIME?

The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) is the premier professional association for healthcare CIOs. CHIME was formed in 1992 with the dual objective of serving the professional development needs of healthcare CIOs, and advocating the more effective use of information management within healthcare.

Why should I join CHIME?

CHIME is a professional association created specifically for CIOs in healthcare. We know what your challenges are and were here to help you with them. Joining CHIME is the best way for you to share knowledge and experiences, and exchange solutions with your peers in the healthcare industry. Your membership can help you save valuable time, get up to speed on hot industry topics, refine your leadership skills, and even provide your staff members valuable research tools.

CIOs across the world have joined to take advantage of the networking opportunities, educational programs, and online resources that CHIME offers. Joining CHIME and connecting with your peers will be one of the best decisions you’ll make.

I don’t hold the title of CIO. Can I still join?

While those who qualify will generally hold the title of CIO, members are not required to carry that specific title. To qualify for Full or Online-Only CHIME membership, you must be the CIO and/or the highest-ranking IS/IT executive at a healthcare provider or payer. We have members that hold a variety of titles, including Director of IS and Director of IT. To review our membership criteria, click here.

CHIME also has various levels of membership and an Affiliate Program for non-CIOs:

CMIO/CNIO Membership
Chief Medical Information Officers and Chief Nursing Informatics Officers who work at a healthcare provider or payer with a CHIME member CIO are eligible for full CHIME membership. Please click here for more details.

Corporate IS/IT Executives
Additionally, persons in charge of IS for major divisions and/or regions of large corporate or integrated delivery systems, are also eligible to join. Regional, market area, or facility level IS executives, normally responsible for overall service delivery and budget accountability, or IS executives who have regional or facility-level CIOs reporting directly to them will also be considered for membership. Please click here for more details.

Affiliate Program
The CHIME Affiliate Program is open to IT professionals who are on the path to becoming a CIO. For more information, please click here.

When I join CHIME, is HIMSS membership included?

When you join CHIME, you will have the option to choose joint CHIME-HIMSS membership. If you select this option, your CHIME membership will also include membership in HIMSS, and all future dues invoices for both memberships will be sent by CHIME as long as you are eligible for CHIME membership, unless you notify us otherwise. If you choose CHIME-only membership, you will NOT receive membership in HIMSS. Affiliate Program participants are not eligible to join HIMSS through CHIME.

What if I’m already a HIMSS member?

If you have already paid your HIMSS membership dues and choose the joint CHIME-HIMSS membership option, HIMSS will contact you to arrange for an appropriate refund once your CHIME membership application is approved.

Can I participate in CHIME events and programs if I’m not a member?

Non-members cannot participate in any of our educational programs, networking events, or use any of our online services. To take advantage of these resources, you will need to join CHIME.

Is CHIME membership an individual membership or an organizational membership?

CHIME membership is assigned to the individual at a healthcare provider or payer organization who applies and is approved. Membership is not for the organization itself and is not transferable from one individual to another. The same applies to the CHIME Affiliate Program.

What is the CHIME Affiliate Program?

The CHIME Affiliate Program is open to IT professionals who are on the path to becoming a CIO but have not yet reached that level. The Affiliate Program was created to support the professional development needs of future healthcare CIOs.

To qualify for Affiliate Program participation, candidates must be a direct report to a CIO who is a current CHIME member.

The benefits available to CHIME Affiliate Program participants differ from those of Full CHIME members, click here for a list of Affiliate Program benefits and services.

What is the difference between CHIME and the CHIME Foundation?

CHIME was created to support the professional needs of CIOs in healthcare. A hallmark of CHIMEs success has been a close collaborative relationship with the HIS vendor and consulting community. In response to the situation, the CHIME Foundation was established in 1994 to enable this community to support CHIMEs programs and services, while developing a mutually beneficial relationship with our member CIOs. The CHIME Foundation is comprised of over 69 vendor and consulting firms. For more information about the CHIME Foundation, please visit the CHIME Foundation of our website.