Thought Leadership Made Easy; Planning College LIVE Presentations for Maximum Impact

By Arika Lycan, Specialist, CHIME Foundation


There are many ways, small and big, to highlight your firm through utilizing your CHIME Foundation membership benefits. Several benefits offer the opportunity to share concepts and ideas in the realm of thought leadership. Online Focus Groups and submitting research documents through KnowledgeHub both have their own merits, but the unique educational potential of the College LIVE format should not be overlooked.

Here is a look at the College LIVE benefit and a review of tips, tricks and advice from a fellow CHIME Foundation member.

Submission basics:

  • Proposal form is available on the CHIME website here
  • College LIVEs are hosted at noon EST on Wednesdays
  • Events are scheduled at least a month ahead of desired webinar date
  • Sessions are 60 minutes in length
  • Presentation will be recorded and archived on KnowledgeHub

We reached out to Bob Chaput, CEO of Clearwater Compliance LLC, a CHIME Foundation member, to get his take on Clearwater’s most recent College LIVE experience. “As a new Foundation member,” Chaput says, our goal was “simply to facilitate process of helping members come to know us, hopefully like us and begin to trust us.” College LIVE presentations have value for both seasoned CHIME Foundation members as well as new members hoping to establish their identity in the CHIME Community.

Since College LIVEs are an educational format vs. a discussion format, it’s a good idea when developing your College LIVE presentation to plan to make the most of audience engagement. Chaput suggests ideas like using polling questions, if appropriate, allowing for comments and feedback, and “providing valuable follow-up material,” to extend the impact of your engagement with CHIME CIOs.

There is always something to be learned after a “first” experience. Chaput shares some of the insights his team reflected on after their first College LIVE experience, including “have fewer slides, allow more time for Q&A, seek responses to polling questions and use as an opportunity to learn about members’ challenges.”

Results from prior webinars also indicate that highly rated College LIVE sessions involve CIOs who share best practices and value derived from utilizing Foundation Firm services and solutions.

For firms with goals like increased exposure and knowledge-sharing, hosting a College LIVE presentation can be a key part of your CHIME strategy for success. Chaput shares the way in which Clearwater Compliance LLC judged their event’s success, including “measured by positive evaluations, business contacts and additional educational opportunities.” As you reflect on the research and innovation, development and creativity that drives your company, consider sharing that energy and vision in a College LIVE presentation in the 2018-2019 membership year.

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