The CHIME Foundation was formed in 1994, two years after the formation of CHIME. The purpose of the CHIME Foundation was two-fold: (1) to provide the exchange of information and ideas between healthcare CIOs and the vendors/consultants in the HIT industry; and (2) to provide funding in support of CHIME’s benefits and services to its members.

Initially CHIME Foundation membership was comprised of about a dozen firms in a single tier of membership. As CHIME membership grew, more firms were permitted participation and additional tiers of membership were offered.

CHIME Foundation Board of Directors

The CHIME Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of members, including CIO members of the CHIME Board and CHIME Foundation representatives, elected by the CHIME Foundation membership. All CHIME Foundation Board of Directors also serve on the CHIME Board of Trustees. The Board meets periodically during the year, usually via conference call, addressing issues pertaining to CHIME Foundation membership admittance and current member satisfaction.

CHIME Foundation Membership Tiers; Fees and Benefits/Services

Fees and benefits/services provided to CHIME Foundation firms are tailored to four tiers Premier Member, Standard Member, Associate Member, and Affiliate Subscriber: A summary of each membership tier, including the benefits/service associated with each, can be viewed here.